A Peachy Update! Spring 2022

Updated: Apr 14

My daily schedule has changed a little bit, and I'd like to update you all about it. It's mostly good things too!

Let's get into it!

Working from Home More

I am starting a temporary full-time position. It will allow me to work from home, and it will last for about a month and some change. That being said, there might be a delay in posts/rewards for April. But! Know that I am making an effort to continue as normal around my new schedule. I'll still be streaming Thursdays and Fridays, and comic production on "Molly's Ranch Story" will still be happening.

This new gig will open up some more opportunities for me to dip my toes into art projects that I've been passionate about for a while. Mainly, T-shirt design and apparel. I sketched about 16 different apparel designs, including T-shirts and brand new fashion designs. I'm not much of a fashion designer, but I have ideas for apparel, and I have an idea of what I like in clothing. I want to make a whole blog post about my apparel journey, so please look forward to that!

In-Person shows and conventions!

I'm so excited to announce here that I will be in 3 different shows in the next coming months. Hooray!

First is the CCAD Art Fair in early April. I haven't tabled at the Art Fair since pre-covid! It'll be good to be back at my alma mater and meet with all the students and faculty again. I've been working on some paintings for the show, and soon I'll be in con-prep mode once again!

Next is SPACE in late May. Again, haven't tabled at this show since pre-COVID, and I can't wait to see the familiar faces there again! To be honest, I'm not sure I'll make tons of money there, since I stopped Jazz production, and mostly have more merch-like items at a comic-centric convention, but it'll just be good to talk with people again.

After that is Indy PopCon in early June! I tabled here last year, and I'm so excited to come back again this year! By this time, I hope to have some T-shirt designs, new stickers, and lots of new stuff.

I have other shows that I've applied to, but I don't want to make anything official until I know for sure that I am going to be in those shows. But I'm trying my best to put myself out there and make appearances in conventions and art shows, and do some networking while I'm at it. I get a lot of different leads at these conventions, and it's always fun to vibe with like-minded people!

Art Projects I'm focusing on for Spring/Summer 2022

I have a couple projects that I'll be focusing on very soon. Along with "Molly's Ranch Story" and working on apparel, I will be renewing, reviving, and creating new merchandise for a future shop. I talked about it in my "Closing Up Shop" post, but I am working on several sticker designs, resin keychain designs, and digital products. I hope to open up a shop in the summer, but for now I will be posting my favorite designs on Faire!

I am also working on my PNGtuber design some more for Twitch. I really like the designs I have on my Twitch, but I'm always looking to improve my setup.

Freelance Work and Commissions

If you know anyone out there that needs a commission done, need some comic consulting, or any kinds of freelance work that has to do with branding, social media, graphic design, etc, hit me up! I have made myself available to take on some freelance projects. I'm currently on Upwork, and Contra! I also have my commission open as well.

I really want to put myself out there and build up a portfolio of freelance work that I've done.

That's about it for now! If you follow me on my main instagram and my comics instagram, you can see what I've got going on. I'm feeling hopeful for the new things coming into my life, and I will be sure to take you along the ride for them!


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