A Year in Review: 2021

Updated: Jan 4

I made a year in review post about 2020 in my very first blog post on this site, and the new year's resolutions I talked about back in January still hold true today.

But first, let's go over this year together! Things I've accomplished, things I have yet to do, and my thoughts looking forward into 2022.

This year I relaunched my Patreon page, which was something I kind of did on an impulse. I wanted to wait to launch it for a while, but I couldn't hold myself back from pulling the trigger. I had way too many ideas for the platform that I wanted to see happen. And I'm glad I did it! Right now, my patreon page is looking for more members to the Soft Peach Club, and I have lots of ideas cooking up in my mind for what I want to do next year: a mini comic, short stories, more NSFW content, and of course, monthly rewards!


My Etsy saw a good increase in visitors and sales compared to 2020. While I'm not making a livable income from Etsy yet, I am continuing to grow the page, and I've added a ton of listings to it. This year, with a little push from the government, I was able to purchase a Silhouette Cameo 4. This greatly improved the quality of my stickers, and I'm really happy with my sticker-making process now. It seemed like it took me way longer to create art this year for the shop, but I did make a bunch of prints, stickers, and mixed media pieces.


I also tabled at Indy PopCon, one of my favorite conventions, and I had a blast! I made more there than at any other convention I've ever done. It made me want to pursue con-going more seriously. While I have Indy PopCon to look forward to again in 2022 (surprise!), I am trying my best to apply to other conventions. I am staying cautious due to COVID, but I plan on doing way more conventions in the future.

I made almost 40 blog posts this year. I'm really happy with that, but I would like to make even MORE next year. I love the work I did on my site, and I'd like to write more informative blog posts that could help fellow artists out there. I have lots of ideas, so I hope to bring those into 2022.

Working downtown: Funnily enough, on my birthday, my old job reached out to me to see if I could come in to be an extra set of hands for their busier days. I took on the opportunity in order to reunite with them and make some pocket change too. It was bizarre to enter the building again after over a year of wondering what would become of the place, and not knowing what happened to the business. I won't go into too many details, but it was nice to get some closure after a devastating phone call back in March 2020. As of now, I'm looking forward to moving on from there, and free up some time to dedicate to working on my upcoming projects.

I faced some awful losses this year that put a stop to a lot of things. It felt incredibly hard to focus on art-making some of the time, and I had to take some time to be with myself for a while. Even though it took me way too long to list products on Etsy, or finish up a piece to post it, I'm happy with my productivity this year and hope to improve it.

I had to cancel production of my first comic, "Jazz" this year. Unfortunately, the passion I had for the comic is gone, and I feel like I've moved on to other projects. I talk more about it on my comics instagram, @softpeachcomics.

My biggest thing I'm looking forward to in 2022 is my next webcomic, "Molly's Ranch Story". I've talked about it countless times, but it's my next passion project, and I can't wait to see what's to come from that.

With each year, I like to make a list of New Year's resolutions that I try to complete by the end of the year. While it's fun to write out my goals, sometimes I set way too high of expectations for myself. I've decided that for 2022, I will not be writing any New Year's resolutions. If I know anything about the past two years is that I can't really plan for anything, because life can get messy and things can change in an instant. I have projects I want to work on, of course, but I mostly just want to try my best everyday next year, and do little things to improve my work, productivity, and more.

If you are making New Year's Resolutions for 2022, let me know! I'll see you in 2022!


💖Soft Peach

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