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Starting an apparel business was not my first passion in life; I was at one time way into fashion and looking nice. As I've grown older and spent more time at home the last few years, I've prioritized comfort over fashion. I still like to look somewhat nice though, and lately I've wanted to dress more cutely. I love "kawaii" fashion, cutesy stuff, lots of pinks, blues, whites, and yellows, and cats of course. I keep a mental stash of the different outfits I want to eventually wear.

Because of all this, I was recently inspired to experiment with apparel when it comes to my artwork. I've had comments from friends and family saying they want to see my art on t-shirts, and I've wanted to experiment with print-on-demand.

Thus, Sissy Pizza Apparel was born.

The name was inspired by my very own cat, Sissy, whom I affectionate nicknamed Sissy Pizza.

I started sketching out ideas for the brand, which would embody everything cute, kawaii, and pinky, with an emphasis on cats. I have 5 types of cats that embody different design aspects: Freya, Sissy, Reuben, and Scoot.

Each design concept is based on a real cat I've met throughout my life; Sissy is of course my black cat. Freya is my sister's current cat, a calico. Scoot is a one-eyed, cream and brown cat. Lastly, Reuben was a grumpy Siamese cat.

I did tons of research on other brands that are similar to Sissy Pizza Apparel on Instagram and Etsy. Designing apparel was something new to me, but I had lots of fun with it! I have lots of designs that are ready to be printed on shirts.

Right now, Sissy Pizza Apparel is available in my new shop, Soft Peach Shop.

Sissy Pizza Apparel is starting out as a print-on-demand business model, meaning that I use a third-party website to fulfill the apparel orders. How it works is basically I design the artwork for the apparel, and the third party company will print and fulfill the orders as they come in, meaning I don't have to store any inventory. This is also more eco-friendly, since I don't have to keep hold of unnecessary stock, and everything is made to order. For now, this model works the best for me.

I operate Soft Peach Art out of my apartment, and I have minimal space available to work.

In the future, I would love to work with a vendor to make more of my ambitious apparel designs come to life. I have lots of fun designs I would like to see soon; with your support, I think I can do it! 💖

Guess what? If you're reading this, take 10% off your next order using SOFTPEACHCLUB10 or by clicking this link HERE!

Happy shopping!


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