April's Patreon Rewards!

Now that I'm on Patreon, I'd like to start actually making stuff for Patreon. Makes sense, right?

My past posts talk a little about the different benefits I'm offering over on Patreon, and one of them is access to what I call the Soft Peach Club! This is an exclusive club only for my $12 and $20 tiered members. Along with hi-res downloads of my art, behind the scenes looks, and a deep appreciation from me, Soft Peach Club members are rewarded with a monthly mini print and sticker set from yours truly. These gifts are sent right over to SPC members, along with a thank you note. It's the least I can do for those who support me.

This April, the sticker theme is Tokyo Mew Mew!

This set is also available on my Etsy, but if you're a member of the Soft Peach Club, you get it now!

The mini print this month is a cute drawing of Kousagi Tsukino, the hypothetical daughter of Usagi and Mamoru. Her design is so cute, and I knew I had to make a print of her. This print is only available for Soft Peach Club members!

If you want to join us over on Patreon, there's a lot of room. I have plans to create a schedule for my SPC content and Patreon-exclusive content. I would like to announce the theme of the stickers and mini print around the beginning of the month, and then send out the gifts around the 15th. That makes sense to me.

Come join us!


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