August's Patreon Rewards!

It's August! Time for another round of patreon rewards, so here they are:

I decided it was time for our girl Momo to hit the pool. I've been dying to go swimming this summer, and I want to before it gets too cold! Momo is also showing off her new bikini for us!

If you want this mini print, there's still more time! Accept the invite to the Soft Peach Club on Patreon today, and you'll be able to access this mini print and sticker, as well as more behind the scenes content.

I've been posting more on my patreon, mostly behind the scenes goodies and some sketches. I would love some more eyes on my page because I'm posting there a lot more these days.

Click here to take a look at the different tiers! Thank you for your support! 💖


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