December's Patreon Rewards!

Updated: Jan 4

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Have you started shopping for gifts yet?

Well it's time for the last Soft Peach Club reward of 2021. How far we've come! I started making patreon rewards in March, starting with our girl Momo in a cute decora-kei- inspired look.

One of my biggest goals for 2022 is to grow my patreon page. I really like doing these monthly rewards, and I hope to continue doing them going into the new year. And of course making them even better!

Here's this month's reward:

This is Apple, a character from my Love and Cozy line! She just received a new present: a bunny named Apricot. I wanted to tell a little story with this mini print that I'll be writing on the back of every mini print. I hope you'll like it!

Check my patreon to accept an invitation to the Soft Peach Club soon to receive this month's reward. I worked really hard this year on my patreon page, and I hope I'm able to grow it even more in 2022. I'll be sure to come back with another post explaining any and all plans for my patreon page. Hope to see you there!

💖 Soft Peach

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