February’s Patreon Rewards!

It’s the second month of the year! How’s everyone doing out there?

It’s a new month, meaning there’s an incoming patreon reward. I decided to get into the anti-Valentine’s Day mood, and titled this piece, “Momo Got Left on Read this Year”

I’m really proud of my work ethic the past few weeks, and I ended up finishing this piece much earlier than normal! Hooray!

I hope you enjoy it; I had a lot of fun coming up with the concept. I’ve been wanting to have a reoccurring theme for my SPC rewards, so I’ve taken my character Momo and I’ll be drawing her all year! I hope you like it.

Along with fun stuff for patreon, I am fully committing to streaming over on Twitch! You can see Momo some more over there; I am currently working on a 2d tuber model for my girl momo to use for my streams. Maybe someday I’ll also do facecam, but for now, I’d like to show off my artistic skills a little bit :3

Stop by every Friday and Saturday evening around 6 EST! Friday’s I’m playing Harvest Moon, and Saturday is varied, but usually Minecraft. Sometimes the boys will join me on the Minecraft server too!

This month I plan on sitting down and getting my grind on. I have many projects, ideas, and concepts I want to focus on, and I am dedicated to making 2022 the year I go full time with my art career. Wish me luck!

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