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Updated: Jan 4

Now that it's officially the holiday season, I'm in the mood to do some shopping! While I love shopping during this time, I'm taking it easy to let my finances breathe a little bit. Anyone else making an effort to shop less lately?

Anyways, I've been taking a close look at my finances and planning on what I want to save for in the future. Usually, my biggest purchases are to benefit my art, and improve my craft and business. While I'm not above impulse buying, I tend to invest into things that I know will benefit me in the long run.

Here's a list of high-ticket products I'm saving up for!

This post contains affiliate links. If you click and purchase these items, I earn a small commission. Thanks for reading!

Artist's XP-Pen - Drawing Tablet (~$200)

I've had my Wacom tablet since college, and it's served me well. I've had ups and downs with the product, but it's time to retire the tablet and move onto a better digital drawing method. My boyfriend has this particular brand of drawing tablet, and says nothing but good things about it. We were spoiled in art school with the 22 inch cintiques that we could adjust and use with ease, but now I'm missing the feeling of drawing on a screen.

I draw digitally almost everyday for my art, and having a drawing tablet will increase my productivity by a ton. With my current tablet, I have to charge it constantly to keep using it, but a drawing tablet plugs in directly to the computer, so I can keep going.

With my upcoming comic project(s), it would be nice to be able to draw more efficiently and faster with a drawing tablet.

Autofull gaming chair ($250-$400)

My Ikea desk chair has seen better days. I've had it since 2017, and it's served me well. But since I sit at my computer very frequently to game, make art, or to relax, I need a more supportive chair. And this specific brand is what I'm looking at. One, because it's pink, and two, it looks very comfortable. When it comes to furniture, I tend to look at more affordable options since I rent my apartment, and don't have much to my name. But a nice, high-quality desk chair should last me for a long time.

Capture Card for Wii U and Switch ($130)

This is something I've been wanting since I was in college. I've wanted to make "Let's Play" videos when they were more popular back in the day, and I currently am setting up a streaming schedule over on Twitch. With a capture card, I can record my gameplay from a console like the Wii U or Switch, and have the recording saved to my computer. There's more to it than that, but recording from my console would allow me to play games that I don't have access to on my PC, and I don't have to re-purchase games.

New Printer - Canon Pixma Pro 200 ($~600)

Luckily I have a decent printer to use for my Etsy shop and for conventions. It gets the job done, and I love printing at home rather than taking my prints to a printing center. But I'd like to update my printer when I can.

Shopping for printers is difficult because 1. I generally do most of my shopping for supplies online, and 2. it's hard to judge a printer without actually using it first. But I know for sure Canon-brand printers are pretty good; I used them throughout college, and have experience using them the most. I'd love to supply my shop with even higher quality prints than what I have now, and a new printer would help with that!

An actual big purchase item: A Car!

It's about time I learn to drive and get my license, huh? I think about all the times in my life where if I had a car, my life would be so much easier. It's been a challenge to find the time to learn to drive, overcome my anxieties with driving, and with COVID, going to the BMV to take the tests. I have lots of excuses, but I'm putting them aside to buckle up (pun intended) and get behind the wheel.

To be honest, I feel like I'm missing a big part of adulthood by not having my license. It feels like, as someone who lives in a country where it's all roads, it almost needed to have a license to drive.

Anyways, I'd prefer to purchase a new car, one that's reliable, get's me to where I need to go, and is efficient. One side of me wants to get a hybrid, or something a little more environmentally safe, but I'll take what I can get!

Along with learning to drive, I'd also prefer to drive a manual, or stick shift car. While it's more of a challenge, stick shift cars are more efficient, last longer, and are more reliable. At least that's what I was told.

Only time will tell, but I'd love to be on the road before I turn 30! I'm calling it!

That's about it for this post! It was more of a "wish list", but I like sharing a little more about what I think about throughout the day.

💖 - Soft Peach

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