Harvest Moon: Animal Parade at 30 FPS, no Frame Drops!

I figured out how to play one of my favorite games, "Harvest Moon: Animal Parade" at a clean 30 frames per second, with most major things fixed with the game!


By emulating the game! And I'll show you what I did to make this game much more enjoyable to play.

Read on if you want to know more about how to play "Harvest Moon Animal Parade in 30 FPS.

I bought this game back when it first came out on the Wii. It was the first game I bought with my own money, and I was excited because it quickly became my favorite Harvest Moon game in the series. I loved Tree of Tranquility, the other Harvest Moon Wii title, and all the issues with TOT were fixed with Animal Parade. The game also featured new character designs and a brand new HUGE world to explore! I quickly fell in love with the changes. I managed to keep the very first file I created back in 2011, and I still play it to this day!

There are some issues with the game, however. The game suffers from constant frame drops when walking in busy areas. Because of frame drops, the in-game time is very slow, making the in-game days take so long to complete. Some days I send my character to bed at 4:00pm because I complete everything I wanted and run out of stuff to do.

(Enjoy this video I recorded of my future husband giving me a present.)

I have a good gaming/art PC, and have emulated games in the past, so let me share with you how I emulated HM:AP on my PC, and fixed virtually all the issues with the game!

First, use the emulator called Dolphin, you can find it HERE. This is the emulator I use that can run GameCube and Wii games. You'll need a Windows PC, and you'll download the 64-bit with the latest updates to your PC. When you download, go through the instructions to install Dolphin onto your PC.

Next, you'll need to find a ROM, which is the game itself. Sometimes ROMs are hard to find, but after a bit of searching the web, I found the ROM for HM:AP. If you're having trouble finding one, try googling, "Harvest Moon: Animal Parade ROM for Dolphin" or "ISO". When you download the ROM, make sure it's compatible with Dolphin, and the emulator will pick up that there is a ROM and it can launch automatically.

(You can see the other games I have on Dolphin. 50% of them are Simpsons games 😂)

Now that it's ready to play, you'll have to set up your controls. I use a generic USB controller to play games on my PC, I got THIS MODEL on Amazon, and it works perfectly fine. On Dolphin, click "controllers" and configure a gamecube/Wii contoller. If you plan on playing some Gamecube games as well, feel free to configure those controls too. Map your buttons however which way works for you. You will have to map motion controls as well, and I use the right stick as my motion cursor. Thankfully, there isn't a lot of motion controls in HM:AP, so I rarely use it.

Now that you're sure your buttons are mapped correctly, it's time to launch the game! As you're booting it up, note for any audio/visual issues or crashes. I had no issues launching/playing the game so far, no crashes or audio issues. But you may have to alter some settings on your own PC.

And it's that easy! You'll notice as you play, the frame drops no longer exist on emulator, and the game runs at a consistent 30 frames per second! Hooray!

(This area would be especially slow with all the buildings, but it's nice and smooth on emulator!)

Here are some pros and cons with running HM:AP on PC:


  • Clean, consistent 30 FPS

  • Time runs how it should, and may seem faster than on console. I see this as a good thing; now you can actually have a full day of chores and work until dark. It also ups the challenge of making it to stores before they close, and makes the seasons go by faster. No more waiting around for festivals to start!

  • No crashes (so far)

  • able to map your own controls, or play on keyboard if you wanted


  • Cannot take photos; the only visual issue I've come across. Photos appear as a black screen. This is unfortunate, making Simon's Photos and the camera unusable. If you want to work around this, you can take screenshots on your PC, or record with something like OBS. You won't be able to take festival/wedding photos because of this too. If I find a way around this, I will update here.

  • The link below may help with the blank photos. I haven't looked too closely at it, so read with caution:


  • There is a feature in the game that allows you to gain extra friendship points with residents by using a second Wii remote. You could see me using this feature in the second video on this post. In order to use this feature on emulator, you will have to program a second controller through Dolphin. By doing this, you can operate 1P and 2P on the same controller, but I haven't found a way to move the cursor off the screen during gameplay. It's not that big of a con, but I did purchase another USB controller when I didn't need to.

Without the second player feature, it takes so long to build relationships in the game, and I can't play without it. There's a section of the game where you have to make lots of friends. On console, it took me two in-game seasons to complete this part of the game compared to the other tasks, which could only take a couple in-game days, depending on how well you plan.

That's how I was able to play Harvest Moon: Animal Parade on PC with no frame drops! If you have any questions, please let me know; I haven't seen any other HM:AP players talk about emulating the game online yet, so I thought it was a good idea to show what I've learned, and make the HM:AP experience even better!


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