Heart Moon & Stars Showcase! New Set for Etsy

March was a good month for moving things forward, but also suffering through art block. I come out the other side with a new set for Etsy despite all odds though!

Introducing: 💖🌙⭐Heart Moon & Stars Set💖🌙⭐

This set includes an art print, a set of 5 stickers, coloring sheets, and some digital downloads. I had an initial vision in my mind of what this set would look like, but during execution, I went through many phases. I'm happy with the final product, but it came out in such an unexpected way. That's the art process though! Sometimes things turn out a way you didn't expect.

🌙The Art Block is Real

Art block definitely took it's effect on the progress. I think lots of artists can relate to this, but it sucks when everything you draw comes out looking terrible, despite all your efforts. It helps to either work on something else, or take some time away from it for a while.

💖My New Toy: Silhouette Cameo 4

One thing I'm really excited about are the stickers. I recently made a big leap and purchased a Silhouette Cameo 4! This die-cut machine will help greatly with my sticker making process. First off, I can now make sticker sheets. This excites me so much because it will allow me to start a monthly sticker set for Patreon! Also, I can play around with different kinds of sticker paper now. Expect some better quality in my shop!

Check back to this site for a future blog post about my first experiences with the Silhouette, and whether or not it's worth investing in.

Anyways here's a closer look at the new set:

Print: This was the first piece I made for the set. The concept is this character has lost the ability to love, and when she stares up at the heart moon, it gives her the power to love again. The Heart Moon is a heart shaped moon that glows with a pink light, and is most powerful when full. I did a portrait for the print this time, being inspired by 90's anime screenshots. I also had lots of fun with the Japanese text.

Desktop wallpapers: These designs were the hardest for me because I was at the peak of my art block. I kept redoing them both; I had initially wanted to do 1 desktop piece, but I couldn't pick one design, so I made one of these Patreon-exclusive! I'm happy with how they came out, and I definitely learned some art lessons with these.

Stickers: I love how the stickers turned out. I got to cut them with my new toy, and the background design makes me so happy.

What do you think about the new set? It's live on Etsy now, so shop away!

If you are a member of my Patreon page, you also have access to an extra digital download, so download away!


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