I'm Closing Up Shop!

Updated: Apr 26

On March 1st, I will be closing up my Etsy shop, Soft Peach Designs.

I have reached a point where I've decided that other obligations and projects need to take up more of my time, and by closing my shop, I can focus on those a little bit easier. I am preparing to start a temporary job very soon, and my daily schedule will change a lot. Luckily, I'll be working from home, but for now, I need to close the shop.

The main reason is to put more focus on this temporary job, and to make sure my finances are okay. It's been getting very tight, and the shop isn't performing as well as I hoped.

I am also putting a lot of effort into both my new comic, "Molly's Ranch Story" as well as streaming on Twitch. Both things that take up a lot of time as is. I also tend to get carried away with passion projects (cough cough "Molly's Ranch Story" cough cough) and spread myself too thin.

Now it's not all doom and gloom! While the shop is closed and get my ducks in a line, I will be designing some brand new products for a new Etsy shop in the future. I will be experimenting with handmade resin products, charms & keychains, apparel, and of course, stickers! I also want to put a focus on digital downloads. I've been doing lots of research on making digital products as well as the other things I've mentioned, and I think with a little time, I'll open back up with more confidence!

Right now, I don't have a timeline of when I will reopen, but I will be sure to write about it in the future.

In the meantime, if you still want to support a small artist like me, be sure to follow my social medias, take a look at my Patreon page, and tune in to my Twitch streams if you can! I stream every Thursdays and Fridays. I also have my commissions open still, so if you would like something drawn in my style, check my website!

If you want to grab something quick before I close up, now is the time to do it!

Starting Feb 16th, take 25% off on everything in the shop.

Patrons have an extra discount on top of that too! Be sure to get your orders in before March 1st, when the shop closes.

If there's something you missed out on, I can't guarantee I'll have it once I reopen, so take a look now while you can!

Thank you for those who took the time to visit, purchase and support my little shop. I promise I'll return with much more peachy goodies.


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