Introducing the Peach Set! A new Collection for Soft Peach Designs

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

It's time to unveil the new collection for Soft Peach Designs:

Introducing the Peach Set!!

I spent a good chunk of 2020 reviving my Etsy Shop, and I was able to create a lot of new pieces to list there. My favorite part of listing products is setting up and taking cute pictures of my products. I love to get creative and make my products look good!

For this new launch I wanted to create a set that encapsulates the new branding of Soft Peach. A few months ago, I decided to rebrand my art, and I'm a big fan of the color palate I used to create the logo. I was also feeling that peach colored, flowery aesthetic. I looked at photos of peaches and other peach-themed patterns online for inspiration.

Included with this set are two phone wallpapers, 3 stickers, a digital print, a desktop wallpaper, a postcard, and a recipe card with a cute peach smoothie recipe!

Peach Set: Digital Goodies

These two phone wallpapers were designed with cuteness in mind. I used a lot of new features with Clip Studio Paint , and incorporated the new logo as well.

This desktop wallpaper was the very first thing I created for the Peach Set! This character was made to be the brand of Soft Peach, and I wanted to design a cute lingerie-like outfit for her to wear. It's a little see-through, but it's okay because it was fun to render! I'm a big fan of ruffles, bows, and pink, so everything I love is included with this desktop wallpaper. Now I wish I knew how to make plushies because I'd love to have a Soft Peach plushie like she's holding!

This illustration is also in the form of a postcard!

Peach Set: 8x10 Art Print

I love the concept of athleisure, so I wanted my peach character to rock this lacey athletic outfit with a cropped denim jacket. She's sipping on some juice too! This piece is included as a digital print in the Peach Set. By the way, she is wearing a hat that I have in real life!

Peach Set: Stickers

These are the 5 stickers included in the Peach Set. The peach Boba design is the first one I sketched out. I also had to incorporate the peachy colors and yellow flowers as stickers too. And of course our peach girl is in sticker form too!

Peach Set: Recipe Cards

This is a first for me: Cute little recipe cards with a recipe for a peach smoothie! I did a small sketch of our peach girl about to slurp on that smoothie. The listing will include a bundle of blank recipe cards to write on, as well as one with this recipe on it. I've never designed recipe cards before, so I wanted to try it out with this set. I remember ordering a super cute recipe card set from an artist on Etsy, so I channeled that inspiration to these cards.

I'm really happy with this new collection of items, and I hope you all like it too. If you wanna check it out, please go to my Etsy Shop, Soft Peach Designs to see the listings up close. I tried my best to make a set that I was really happy with. Honestly I had a lot of delays with the launching of this set, mostly because of waiting for supplies in the mail, but also because I wanted to make sure the set was perfect. I'm not usually a perfectionist; I usually skip over the details, but I spent the whole month of December designing the desktop wallpaper. I just wasn't satisfied with it!

But now the Peach Set is ready for all eyes to see! So go to my Etsy Shop to check it out!

Now that this set is finished, it's time to move on to my next project. I have many things on the table that I could work on, but I've decided on 2 projects to focus on going into February and March. I would love it if you stuck around and see what I cook up next; it should be really good!

If you liked what you saw, please let me know! Do you like the new collection?


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