July's Patreon Rewards!

It's almost the end of July, but it's still enough time to share this month's Patreon rewards with you!

For this month, my cat Sissy decided to create some art while I was away at Indy Pop Con (Which was so much fun BTW).

This is it: Sissy Pizza Artist Alley! I had a lot of fun making these into prints and stickers, and I hope you like them too!

This month's rewards were sent out so late because of my travels to Indy Pop Con. I still managed to get them out before the month was over though! Next month I should be back on track. I already have my theme planned out and everything!

Along with that, I have some updates to my Patreon that I've been working on. I have adjusted some benefits to my tiers, and I've added a new tier.

I have included behind-the-scenes content to my lowest tier, and extended my Soft Peach Club access to my $6 tier. Now there's a little bit for everyone!

The 5th tier is not listed on this sheet, but I will have a blog post all about this new tier. The current asking price is $50, and that includes all previous benefits plus something extra. More later!

I love creating content for Patreon, and with each new idea, I become more passionate about the art I am creating. I hope to have more patrons in the future; right now, my friends and family are my only patrons, but with more on the table, I hope you will join me over there. Even a follow is greatly appreciated!

I will be back with a couple more blog posts in the future. Lots of updates are to come following my first convention post-COVID. I feel more invigorated to produce art and content!


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