See ya Later 2020! My New Year's Resolutions for 2021

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

It’s been a strange year that’s for sure…

2020 has been the year of adjustments and uncertainty. After losing my job back in March, I spent the rest of the year trying to cope by working on what I do best: creating art! While the start of 2021 doesn’t look as certain as the beginning of 2020, I have some goals, or resolutions I’d like to share with you.

But first, I was in the paper! Please check out this great article from the Columbus Dispatch where I shared my thoughts about setting resolutions in this next year.

This year under quarantine, I was able to focus my attention on building my Etsy Shop, Soft Peach Designs, and settle into a “work from home” atmosphere in my new apartment. While I expected to be hard at work at my full time job at a wedding venue while going to conventions here and there, life didn’t work that way. Some days I relaxed and played games. Other days I was hard at work creating something. I found a job in October, but I still have the time to work on projects and develop business ideas. Sometimes it’s hard to see all your accomplishments done in a year, especially this year, but here are mine:

I did a good number of commissions, sales and freelance work for family and friends. The people in my life were gracious when I lost my job, and helped me out by commissioning me and buying from my shop, and that was highly appreciated.

A total rebrand of Soft Peach. I love how my new branding turned out, and it’s a fresh new design to take into 2021 and beyond.

I completed Inktober, or as I called it, Blacktober. All 31 drawings were done in the month of October, and I was very happy this how the drawings turned out. I was also very consistent with my posting and Instagram and TikTok, posting everyday. In turn I gained lots of engagement and followers from that.

A lot more art! I did 3 sailor moon redraw paintings, started painting on canvas again, made tons of new stickers, and filled up multiple sketchbooks.

As for 2021, I’d love to say I’m excited to start fresh in a new year, but to be honest, I’m nervous. I still don’t make a livable income and there’s still the whole global pandemic getting out of control in my country. I still have faith leading me, and I know that the right opportunities will present themselves in many different ways.

Anyways, I have some New Years Resolutions to share with you:

Host a Live Event for Studio Picnic

Studio Picnic may be my biggest dream right now. I’ve talked about my co-working studio business idea before on this blog, but 2020 was supposed to be the year I planned it more with a live event with fellow artists, spreading the word about Studio Picnic and its goals. Of course it couldn’t happen, and lots of things were put off and abandoned. I remember editing my business plan at my job when it was slow, and, while I feel a little bad for working on other things besides work, it was for a good cause, okay?

I’ve been in touch with very interesting people, and I spent the whole year working out plans by myself and my boyfriend. There was a week in the summer where I did nothing but think about Studio Picnic; pacing my house, going on bike rides while thinking about it, doing tons of research. I was full into it! For 2021, I would love to get together with other artists interested in the idea and host a live fundraising event. I’m not sure what would happen quite yet at this event, but the ideas are flowing.

Grow my Following & Sales

This is a more vague idea, but I would like to basically get more engagement on my social media platforms. Doesn’t everyone want this? It seems like it’s completely random which posts of mine take off, and which ones flop. I would like to work hard on the social media game and create high quality, engaging, daily posts. It sounds like a daunting task, but I’m up for it. Like I said before, I have a lot of new projects on the horizon, so I am excited to share them all with my audience. Just putting it out there: 500 follows on Instagram by the end of 2021? How about $100/month in Etsy sales? Time to manifest!

Make YouTube Videos and Stream More Often

Back in 2015 I wanted to make YouTube videos, so I experimented with making “let’s play”-style videos, eventually focusing on speed painting videos. I fell off it due to other projects getting in the way (I was still in college at the time). I also tried to bring it back last year with more speed painting videos, but again, other obligations prevented me from putting my all into it. But now that my time has freed up quite a bit, I’d like to try it again to make videos for YouTube. Not just speed paints this time either. I have some fun ideas for videos that I’d like to try next year, and I’m excited to see those ideas executed!

Lately I’ve also been streaming on Twitch. It’s been nothing too special; just a couple hours of playing games that I like, but next year I’d like to keep up with my small streaming schedule, just for fun mostly. It’s fun to get on Discord with my friends and stream some games. For now I made a schedule to play GTA V on Wednesday evenings, and Minecraft on Saturday evenings. I haven’t stuck to the schedule every week, mostly because I don’t feel like playing games all the time, but soon I’d like to keep up with it more. It’s a nice time to relax and play a game, and hey, maybe I can get some loyal watchers on the stream?

Those are my New Year’s Resolutions! They seem daunting, but I want to work very hard next year to make my dreams come true. 2020 may not have given us anything, but 2021 could be the year everything starts feeling just a little bit normal again. What are some of your resolutions? More importantly, what are you most proud of accomplishing this year? I could go on about how 2020 was a crappy year, but I think everyone has said that already, and I would like to look forward to the next year. There are more possibilities in the future!

This was the last blog post for 2020 and the last blog post before I moved website platforms. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and New Years, and I will see you on the web in 2021!

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