New Website Launch! 1st New Year's Resolution Complete

Welcome to the new Soft Peach website!!

Happy 2021 everyone! How was your New Year's celebrations? As for me, I celebrated with my boyfriend with a nice dinner and sparkling water, watching the ball drop. It was surreal to look at Times Square in the state that it was and compare it to last year.

If you remember, we went to Times Square for the 2020 ball drop! What a completely different world we were living in, huh?

The New Soft Peach site

Along with the new year, it was time to update my plan for my website. However, I had decided to switch website platforms. I did this for many different reasons, but I mainly wanted a fresh start to my site, and I was more comfortable working with this platform, Wix, than I was with the other one. I'm excited to watch this website grow, and I have a full page of new blog posts that I'll be writing about this year.

The site still has the same features had before; my artwork divided in different portfolios, the essential contact and about pages that I enjoyed designing, and links to my linktree, Etsy shop, and other social media platforms. This site will become the hub world to my other social media pages, and the go-to spot for all your Soft Peach needs!

I created this blurb about what Soft Peach is on my about page that encapsulates all that the brand stands for. It includes a link to shop my Etsy too, and tell of my plan to create more stories about the challenging trials that my characters will go through in my stories.

My Plans for the Site

This is the beginning for the new site. I have plans on integrating my Etsy shop into this website once I grow, and have a fully functioning online shop.

I also would like to play around with the subscription features with my blog; these would be premium blog posts, videos, and sneak peaks for subscribers. I played around with this before, but found it to be clunky and hard to use on the old platform, so I am looking forward to using this.

There is an email marketing feature with this site too, so I plan on creating cute little emails for you all to keep up to date with what I have going on, and any news I have to share. I peaked around at this and it looks pretty simple to use. Once I figure out how to set that up, you can sign up to receive those emails if you wish!

That's about it for now! So far, 2021 has been treating me very well in both my personal and professional life, so it can only get better from here.

How has your 2021 been so far?

Are you enjoying perusing the new website? Let me know what you think about the changes, and if anything looks wonky to you. I spent a whole day working on this website design, so I'll be working out any bugs this week and trying new things.

In the meantime, be sure to go to my subscribe page to be updated on new Soft Peach news!

See you in the next post <3


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