November's Patreon Rewards!

It's November already? 2021 is almost over, huh?

I'm getting prepared for thanksgiving and the holidays; I got some cooking I gotta do!

But first it's time for November's Patreon Rewards.

I've been working on nothing but Molly's Ranch Story recently, so I've been in the mood to make this month's reward themed around this. I've been heavily enjoying drawing the various "Harvest Moon: Animal Parade" characters in alternate clothing, especially the main character shown above. This particular outfit DOES have significance in the overall story I plan on telling in this upcoming comic project, but you'll just have to find out what that means later!

Here's this month's sticker! Out main girl, Molly, is looking pretty cute! It's a nice simple design.

If you want these rewards, please accept the invitation to the Soft Peach Club on my Patreon page! The SPC tier is $12, but if you just want the sticker, you only pay $6! And you'll still get Behind the Scenes content and hi-res art! How cool, right?

💖 - Allison

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