I've Relaunched my Patreon!

How's everyone doing out there? We've been buried in snow in the Midwest, and it's finally warming up enough to melt a little! I'm so excited for the warmer weather to come back; I get so lazy and unmotivated during the second half of winter, and spring means that there will be pretty flowers and leaves on the trees again!

Soft Peach on Patreon

I had a spurt of inspiration this month, and wanted to look back at my patreon page. I've held onto my account for a long time, and took a good look at what I wanted to offer to people. Last time I tried to manage my patreon, I was still working my full-time job, and I didn't have too much time to fully dedicate to it. I made some cute wallpapers for the first tier, but I was hung up on the idea of making an intro video for the page. I ended up putting Patreon to the side

Until now.

Let me introduce the new and improved Soft Peach Patreon page!

I have created 4 tiers for now:

Tier 1: Peach Seeds

This is the lowest tier if you just want to offer your general support for a small artist like me! Just think if 50 people subscribed to this tier. That's $150 a month! The other benefit for this tier is you also receive hi-res downloads of my art, both new art and older pieces. These would be formatted for both iPhone wallpapers and Desktop wallpapers. I have listings on my Etsy for digital downloads of my work, but under this tier, you get them for free! How cool is that?

Tier 2: Peach Sprout

Along with downloads of my art, you can enjoy behind the scenes looks of my projects in the form of photos, videos, and blog posts. Right now, I have multiple projects that I'll be focusing on in the next couple of months along with new products for my Etsy shop. I have plenty of opportunities to bring you behind the curtain and keep you in the know on these upcoming projects that I wouldn't otherwise show on my social media pages. I also want to play around with adding discount codes for my Etsy Shop under this tier and higher ones too.

Tier 3: Peach Blossom - Soft Peach Club

This is my favorite tier because it gives you an invitation to join the exclusive Soft Peach Club! Of course you'll get hi-res downloads of my art and behind the scenes looks for my other projects, but under this tier, you will receive a one-of-a-kind new 5x7 print and a cute sticker every month delivered right to you! With this print I will also include a handwritten note expressing my gratitude. I personally love receiving packages from small artists that are super cute in decoration, so I aim to do this with my prints I send out. I hope you like them!

Tier 4: Peach Tree

This is the highest tier I am offering on my page. This tier is the best because along with hi-res downloads, behind the scenes content, and entry into the Soft Peach Club, you also get super exclusive patreon-only content including new art, products, and blog posts. This is content that no one else will see but you! Along with that, you will also enjoy first dibs to new products listed to Etsy, blog posts, and more! I would like to add more to this tier, and even create a new tier, but this is where I will start for now.

What's the plan for Patreon?

I have more ideas for my Patreon page as it starts to grow. I plan on gauging the response for now and leave it be for a couple months and see if it grows. Once I gain some traction, I would like to include more things like creating a Discord channel for higher tiered members, private Twitch streams, and more exclusive products!

Speaking of more products, I'm beginning to do more research on how to make things like pins, keychains, plushies, and apparel. I want to really expand my reach and include more things along with my stickers, prints, and comics. If you have any ideas on how you'd like to see my art translated into products like these, or even if you have suggestions on any characters/fanart you'd like prints of, please let me know!

Support this Website

One more thing to add! I have added an extra page to my site for supporters of the blog to give back to the site. For just $3/month, you can support this site and help a small bi-racial artist realize her dreams of becoming a successful full-time artist.

It's been an interesting year of exploring life as a full-time artist, it being forced upon me after losing my job due to covid-19. Now that things are getting tight, and money is becoming scarce, it's making me realize that maybe I can put my hat in the ring and make this whole artist thing work for me. I'm not trying to hit 1 million followers who all join the highest tier on Patreon or anything like that, but I would love to have a small community on this side of the internet who supports what I do. It would be nice to meet other people who support you and give each other positive vibes.

It's really freeing to work for myself, and I hope that with your support, you can help me achieve my goals.

Let's build each other up together!


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