Something New for Patreon! The Secret Peach Forest

I'm here to share with you a new tier on my Patreon! One that I'm actually a little nervous to show off.

It's called: The Secret Peach Forest. It'll be a space where I focus on purely lewd and NSFW artwork.

I've seen many artists have a NSFW tier on their Patreon pages, or separate Twitter accounts for lewd art, and do exceptionally well with them. I have always been hesitant to post NSFW artwork because: 1: I don't tend to draw for that audience

2: My artwork is generally kid-friendly and lighthearted

3: I'm very much a modest person who prefers to turn my head at NSFW art.

I'm not against NSFW artists at all! I appreciate all forms of artwork, especially ones that help grow an artist. That's why I want to dip my toe into trying out NSFW art myself. I find that some lewd art is actually very well done and tasteful while at the same time being alluring and sexy. That's what I want to aim for with the NSFW art that I plan to post.

Right now, I have a couple sketches and a full piece to show you. If you are subscribed to my Patreon or my website, you are able to see the "clothed" version of this finished piece, but if you are subscribed to the $50 tier, you can see both the "clothed" and "nude" versions.

The only place you'll be able to see full versions of this art is on my highest tier. I will only post cropped and "clothed" versions on other platforms, but I don't plan on doing any major promotions for this tier. It's there if you want to see.

Read below the specifics of this tier:

The Secret Peach Forest


All previous benefits including:

  • Sketches, line art, and full color illustrations of lewd and NSFW (not safe for work) content.

  • Once-A-Month request for a lewd/NSFW drawing of a character of your choice.

I explain it more on Patreon, but I have a limit of 25 patrons for this tier, and each one can request a drawing of their favorite character(s) drawn by me. In a lewd way of course.

I also am very firm about this: 18+ only! On all fronts! The characters requested MUST be 18+, the characters I draw MUST be 18+ (I will hold myself accountable for this by creating my own characters for these drawings, all 18+), and all patrons subscribing to the $50 tier MUST be 18+, no exceptions.

Also, no blood, gore, offensive material, abuse, pedophilia, all that stuff is not allowed.

I hope you enjoy if you decide to join the Secret Peach Forest! You are under no obligation to join as always. It's another exploration into my art and experimenting with different subject matter.

Of course I will be picking up with Soft Peach Club and creating my usual content and art on Instagram and Patreon, and I have plans to work on my novel and finish Chapter 3 of Jazz (Jazz will NEVER be in the Secret Peach Forest; she is 17).

If you haven't noticed, I listed a bunch of new products on Etsy, so please check them out! I had a successful convention, so a lot of the pieces I sold there are listed in the shop.

That's all for now!


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